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Life long learning education — necessity of our time  - gives perfect opportunities for all target groups in all ages. There can be including organisations and participants in different activities. The participants search interesting themes and methods  where can use their creativity.


On of the biggest references of this year will be international youth exchange. Till 17. to 26. of July we realised international project Fashion in the forest - program Youth, action A1. 10 days exchange were in Municipality Cerknica in primary school Jože Krajc Rakek. In the project were 43 youngest together with youth workers in age between  15 to 25 years. They came from 5 European countries from 5 partners organisations (England—organization Grampus Heritage & Training Limited, Bulgaria—organization ANEEI Bulgaria, Germany—organization Bildungsstätte Naturpark Dübener Heide, Slovakia—organization STROPEK and Slovenia—organization VITRA).


The fashion and forest (nature) were red line of exchange, but not only that. In presentation of each county we included exhibition, national dinner (prepared by participants), lecture and party. Learning of different countries, habits, differences, similar, on that way is easy and effective method. Most interesting is also when group should present other country. During trips we prepared 5 public fashions.


On of the main point of the project was that youngest learn  about environment from not usual way and got skills and knowledge from Slovenian tradition of countryside. The fashion which changes all the time is perfect for creativity. The forest is unfailing sources of creativity (silence, thinking, creating, colours, structures, …  and materials for models.


One upon the time one man wrote : Where is will there is also way. . For realisation of youth exchange as it is  Fashion in the forest it take a lot of energy. Without cooperation you can't do this. We used all communications skills, which we know, for searching the partners, sponsors, … The most important financers is national agency MOVIT (EU program Youth), one part is from Slovenian Government for youth,  Slovenian Ministry for environment and area and Community Cerknica. Red cross Cerknica, supported us with materials. Also local and national medias were very active. 


There are also some very important persons which helped us: Andrej Šparemblek from Tur servis—he helped us with tickets, Ksenija Dvorščak from Postoja cave who organized free visit the caves. For thanks we prepared 2 fashions for cove's visitors. For technical support in Postojna we had to said to regional radio station Radio 94 & NTR. In Piran we had contact person Natalija Planinc, leader of Anbot association. She found the boat for free trips through Slovenian coast. In Ljubljana we had Jasmina Kožar  - she prepared everything for our show before Škucem. We are also thankful to Emilijana Baraga, headmaster of school and Saša Klančar which was the lieder of exchange.


What is more effective then learning by work?



Bojan Žnidaršič

Director of VITRA





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