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On Sunday at 14.00 came on primary school in Rakek mostly participants of project. There were Slovenian, Bulgarian, Slovakian and Germany group. We waited only English group, which they came late in evening. First day was travel day and preparation (preparing the rooms for sleep) we went to sleep very early.


Monday was reserved for project presentation  and together workshop with all participants. In the morning we worked in groups and presented all included countries. In the afternoon some members went to the forest for first materials for creations. Our Slovenian group had a lot to do. We prepared the first traditional evening together with traditional dinner.  We prepared traditional food—turnip with sausages and plumbs dumplings for dessert. After official opening the project we prepared presentation of Slovenia and party. We had also guest of our sponsors: member of Government for youth and member of Cerknica Municipality—sector for youth work.


Next days were reserved for creating the costumes. That day was English traditional day. For dinner they prepared chicken with vegetable and cookies with raisins. After that they prepared evening party with games and quiz about England. Bulgarian group got the prize, and Slovenian group got second place. After that we continued the party outside in the school yard till first morning hours.


Only 2 days fro first presentation. We had to hurry with creations. We got the visit from NA MOVIT. He looked how the project go. On that day Bulgarian group prepared the traditional evening. For dinner they prepared filling peppers, vegetable and cheese desert named banjica. After that they presented their country. Each participant got a white—red souvenir named Martenica, which is symbol for health and beauty. We song together Bulgarian song and dens their traditional dance.


In the morning we prepared the scripts for our shows, finished the creations. We got visit fro national TV. In the afternoon we had rehearsal. We coordinated texts and music and prepare them in Slovenian and English version. On evening we had German traditional evening. They prepared potatoes soup and some special pancakes and games. 


After lunch we went to Postojna. We visited the Postojna cave. All participant were surprised, specially those which don't like high temperatures. After that we had first presentation and after 2 hours the second. Both presentations were for tourist from cave. They were very surprised. For our different and not usual fashion were also interested also reporters from different local and national newspapers. When we came back in school we had pizza party—beautiful.


The sun, see, … Piran. We all waited this day. It was hot and we would like to swimming in the Slovenian see. We took the boat and sow the soil plant, and Slovenian coast from the see. The public presentation we had on Tartini place before the concert music group Orleki. We had a big public. They were surprised above our creations. They couldn't believed what you can create with forest materials. In the evening we returned to our school in Rakek.


After breakfast we went with bus to national park Rakov Škocjan. We visited the small natural bridge. After that we went to tourist farm. We take the rack-wagon for ride around Cerknica lake. After that we had typical Slovenian countryside lunch in the farm. We had free afternoon which mostly participants used for resting. Slovakian group prepared for their traditional evening. They prepared dinner with beans and lentil soups and the main food was their specialty - fobs with yogurt and potatoes.  After that they prepared party with their traditional songs and dance. They were the national clothes. All participant had to taste their brandy named slivovica. That day were very special—after long time it was rain. We were very happy and we went outside  and had party in the rain.


We showed to our guest our capital city Ljubljana. After short shopping in shopping centre BTC we went in the old part of Ljubljana. We had free afternoon. At 18.00 we had our fourth presentation before Gallery SKUC. We had a lot visitors. We were proud that also came one of the biggest Slovenian commercial TV station POP TV. In the evening after dinner we had in school cake party. One participant had birthday and we surprised her with 3 cakes.


The last preparations for the final presentation of the project. The performance was in the school yard in Rakek. We had some important guests: members of Slovakian Embassy, member of Cerknica Municipality, headmaster of the school and also our parents and friends. There was also local TV station OTON which recorded all presentation. After together dinner was final party till first morning hours.


After big party we took morning for sleeping. Mostly of participants skipped the breakfast. Then we had final evaluation. We evaluated all 10 working days of exchange. All participants were satisfied with project and we decided that we continue the project next year. We had free afternoon and some of participants took a opportunity and visited the nearest city Cerknica by local bus. In the evening we prepared pizza party. First departure had Slovakian group.


In the first morning hours we said goodbye to English group. After the breakfast the rest participants cleaned the school and in the midday said goodbye to each other and departure home. In the moment when we said goodbye we recognized it was beautiful and we came very good friends. Now all are waiting for the moment when we come together and see each other in the project next year !!!