Project Fashion by the lake 2007


INTERNATIONAL YOUTH EXCHANGE, ENGLAND from 23th of march to 2nd. April 2007


The authors: Irena Udovič and Tita Brecelj


The fruition,  production, signs of a towns, dancing, meeting with new friends, culture, languages, ...

We had a big opportunity to experiences that in wonderful place near New Castle. Beside Slovenian group there were also Slovakian, Polish, English and German group.

Day 1 (23. 3)

Our group meet in the airport in Trieste at  13:30. First we went to pick up the tickets and  registry our luggage. We arrived in our apartment (house) in late evening hour. After evening talk we went to sleep.


Day 3 (25. 3)

This day were reserved for visits. We had breakfast early in the morning and went to  town  Cockermauth. After lunch we visited Atlantic ocean. We finish the day with traditional German and Slovakian evening. 

 Day 4 (26. 3)

Tjaša, me and Tita were present our (Slovenian group) in near school. Together with other members of the exchange we have opportunity to sent  half of school time with English children and teachers. Other members of project went in the near nature of lake for natural materials for our creations.

Day 5 (27. 3)

That day was reserved for clothe decorations and creations the jewellery. Some of us  visited the blacksmith were we created the jewellery from iron and wire. This day was the most working day.


Day 6 (28. 3.)

We visited the Edinburgh, took a walk by  Princess street and  visited typical and beautiful Scots kilts.   We came back at 6 o'clock in the afternoon in our white house were already waited us dinner. 

Day 7 (29. 3)

We put the last »little »details in our creations and prepared the fashion. After dinner we had traditional Slovakian evening. That was also our last day in Big White house.

Day 8 (30. 3.)

We put the last clothes in our bags and left our English home. At 12 o'clock our fashion show started. After successful public presentation of creations we  moved in new home—in Juta Camp.

Day 9 (31. 3.)

That day we visited  Carlisle and we had free time for shopping and lunch. After that we had sport activity—football. After dinner we prepared together final party  with music and dancing.

Day 10 (2. 4.)

Our flight started at 6. 40., so we had to wake up at 3. We little slept or nothing because we had to spend our lat time in company with other participants. After a few together pictures we started our trip to home.

Our creation with Slovenian participant—Tjašo Blaško was select as the most beautiful and chosen for the first page in fashion magazine Glamour.

(picture form first page)

Day 2 (24. 3.)

We went to Ashgille where we collected the dresses for Friday fashion show. Mostly dress were in gothic style.  We had also opportunity to saw a big collection of masks from over the world in project leader office. That day we also created a couple hats, the rest we lave for the next days.