ŠKIS—National partner IZRAZ Ljubljana

We are glad for that, because their success is our success, too. If their aim is to obtain new skills, an education and a degree, in spite of all the trouble, our aim is to make their new knowledge as good and up-to-date as possible. We would like them to be successful in their practice, after having completed their studies. We would like them to benefit as much as possible from our school for their work and their life. The whole team of the IZRAZ institution is doing our best to reach our goals together.


One of our efforts in this direction is this year's excursion of our students, accompanied by some teachers, to Scotland. The excursion was made possible to a large extent by our regular partner Vitra from Cerknica, with financial support from the EU, within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci mobility project.


The reports from the excursion prove beyond any doubt that it was a success. For many students, this was the first direct contact with a remote foreign environment, and from that point of view, if nothing else, the trip was an important event and experience for them. It gave them the self confidence required for braver and more creative steps in their professional and private life. As the evaluations, reports and theses contained in this publication prove, the exchange represented an important professional event for all the participants. It is particularly important that the participants had the opportunity to get to know the industry through practical solutions, in the context of various aspects of society and life in general. They experienced the industry as a part of life. Their experience was wholesome. They were profesionally and personally enriched.


I am glad that reading the contributions, those of us who did not join them can benefit from their experience as well.



                                                                                                                     Anita Jelen-Žmitek

                                Headmaster of Higher Professional School of IZRAZ Institution



We learn throughout our lives – in the schools of life and in real, formal schools, where we usually spend our youth as students. Many people, however, decide to take part in formal studies later, as adults, when they are already employed, or cannot find a job that suits their skills and education.

I admire the people who decide to take that step, as I am aware that it is hard to return to school after several years, especially after a hard job and many other obligations. In our institution – The Educational Development Institution IZRAZ, Ljubljana – we meet only such brave adult participants. Not only do they decide to take part in training, but also almost all of them reach their goal – they graduate from a higher professional school. They do not develop only professionally, but also personally. Both is confirmed by trainers as well as their employers.