National projects

Life long learning week—LLLW 2009

This year VITRA also cooperates in national project LLLW 2009 as a coordinator of performers for Notranjska and Dolenjska region. Also this year we will prepare beautiful program with local partners. Our partner in national level is ACS.

The purpose of the project is based on Ecological found mission, National program for environmental protection, Natura 2000, National energy program  and National action plan and to approach Eco found activities to habitants of  Notranjska karsts region and Slovenia.

Project PromOVE is based on mission  Ministry for environment, National program for environmental protection, National energy program about informing target groups about efficient use of energy OVE) and renewable sources of energy (URE).            The promotion of the project is also important part of the project.       

Project PromOVE

Project 3E (Energy - Ecology - Economy)


In 2008 we became partners in a six year long project Lifelong learning centre of Notranjska—karsts region. Leading partner of the project is Public university Postojna.  Leading organization of the project is Ljudska univerza Postojna. Operation is co-founded by EU, European social fund, and Slovenian School and Sport Ministry. Operation is in a frame of Operative program for human source development 2007—2013, Priority : Human source and life– long learning development: Improvement of quality and efficiency of educational system.

NEP Slovenija

Project started in June 2008. Duration of the project is 14 months.

Nacionalna Energetska Pot -National Energy Way (NEP). By project NEP, all investors can see foreseen investments in a real situation and they can also debate with owners about experiences.







Adobe Systems



SRP4—Slovenska Razvojna Pomoč 4—Slovenian developing help 4

Main purpose of SRP4 project is knowledge transfer from Slovenia to privat and public buildings of 4 countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.


Project partners:

· Udruženje »Mladi i igra«, Subotica, Srbija,

· Centar za menadžment, razvoj i planiranje, Doboj, Bosna in Hercegovina (BiH),

· Centar za Institucionalan Razvoj – CIRa, Skopje, Makedonija,

· Expedito, Boka Kotorska, Črna Gora








 Podprto s subvencijo Islandije, Lihtenštajna in Norveške preko Finančnega mehanizma EGP in Norveškega finančnega mehanizma