Under the process of the COUNTRYSIDE REVITALISATION we carry out projects, tasks, activities and actions which are including research and applicative activities, non formal adult and youth education, informing, advising and international co-operation.


This areas don't get the necessary attention as it should and therefore had low economic and political weight.

Hilly and poorly inhabited areas of the Slovenian countryside are in demographic stagnation. Overgrown cultural landscape, non competitive farm production, high average age structure and decreasing number of inhabitants are the facts and the base of our projects. Revitalisation comes out of the advantages of the countryside which we upgrade with inclusion of all potentials.


VALUES are philosophies and ideals members and staff of VITRA,
whose are to fasten to : philanthropy, responsibility, quality of living, team work, respect and consideration experience and work with people and for them.


VISION is as "an ideal countryside", which could arise from a results of our ideas, endeavours, initiative, actions, projects and mainly of concrete work.
With the repetitive socialisation of countryside and village communities we unite and activate the inhabitants for the economical development on the base of retaining the nature and cultural heritage. New communication technologies enable all of the countryside inhabitants equal opportunities to participate on the international market.


MISSION is the main VITRA’s motto - sustainable use of countryside is the optimal form of protection - in real life.
It based in renewal socialisation of countryside and village community. Programs based mostly on preservation of the cultural and natural heritage bio-farming, eco-tourism, hand crafts, efficient use of energy and renewable energy sources.


LONG TERM GOALS our activities based on development and improvement of life conditions:

· Informing national and international publicity, interested individuals, organisations, and local communities about opportunities for sustainable development of countryside.

· Stimulate for national and international co-operation all our target groups.

· Organisation and realisation of camps (work, research, creative, volunteers, … )

· Organisation and realisation education activities for all population of countryside transfer of knowledge and ideas in to other parts of Slovenia, former Yugoslavia, CEE and EU.

· Co-operation with other NGOs through the contents which are not our priorities.

· Searching of constant and stable sources of financing for our work.

· Performing different forms of advising (local, national and international media) for sustainable use of countryside landscape.

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