LIFELONG LEARNING is a project of national importance. Since 1996 it has been co-ordinated by SAEC (Slovenian Adult Education Centre). Its basic motto is two-way flow of knowledge known as Each one-teach on). The mission of VITRA (as regional co-ordinator) is to develop a positive relationship towards learning, concerning all people, of different ages, groups, interests and needs under the slogan "Slovenia, country who learns".

CRPOV (Complete Development of Countryside and Renewal of Villages) is design for proper use of living space and environmental protection through sustainable development. We implement CRPOV projects, with the co-operation of the local communities and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, throughout Slovenia since 1995.

EUE and RES (Efficient Use of Energy and Renewable Energy Sources) are the opportunities where individuals has enough influence to change them in the local area.


LOCAL AGENDA 21 (Community Strategic Planning) is the process helping the community to make planes for its sustainable future, e. g. establishing of the local organisations, and forwarding the plans for regeneration and implementation of the priority projects and actions.


INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION is very important for a young and small country. With the EU programmes Phare (Tacis, Partnership), Leonardo da Vinci, Access, Small Project Program and Youth we have successfully accomplished several projects for countryside revitalisation. The project - Border Land is Boundless Land connects two NGOs from Slovenia and Croatia (VITRA, EKO LIBURNIA) that deals with the similar problems on the both sides of the border.


TOURISM with its wide forests, clean rivers, friendly people, karst caves, high mountains is a great business opportunity for Slovenian countryside.

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